Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Moar War! Minotaurs vs Night Lords now with added pics!

So I have chivvied and goaded the lovely Rachel Docherty into expanding her Night Lords over the past few months, and so today we played a 2,500pt game in which I deployed a veritable wall of Tactical squads and, I'm ashamed to say, thrashed her 7 kill points to 2. I do feel bad about this, as her army is properly gorgeous...
Some Devastators, earlier. Not shown is a
Terminator squad getting all shot up

Moloc once again did his thang and messed a bunch of stuff up including a stand-in Tyberos the Red Wake who made assault marines led by a Chaplain outrageously nasty - doing over a squad of 10 lightning claw-equipped assault terminators in a single turn!
Plus, as Rachel deployed a Tactical squad and totally beat down on part of my thin bronze line, there was this awesome sight:
Land Raiders square up against each other...
but wait...


  1. Hi Ead, I've been looking for pics of your minotaurs for ages, ever since they were on the "Whats new today" thing on the GW site.
    That thunderhawk is amazing, kudos on that!
    I might steal that lettering idea for my Minotaur vehicles....
    how do you paint your Bronze? or is it a secret?

  2. Thanks :) it's an overbrush of Tin Bitz, followed by Dwarf Bronze (or Brazen Brass if you can find it), then Shining Gold and finally a drybrush of Mithril Silver to achieve that 'burnished' effect.
    Obviously a bit different to the duller, verdigris-d effect on the profiles in IA10 but then I've been painting these guys for ages and they only really stopped being 'diy-chapter in gold' when we began to playtest the Badab War campaign system.

  3. So that was you on the GW site, I saw those pics! I was wondering too how you painted them. I've taken a darker tone to my Minotaurs, doing a simpler scheme of Dwarf Bronze with a black wash.

    My vehicles are Snakebite leather with a devlan mud wash.

    I haven't picked up any of the new Forge World bits yet and besides the transfers I probably won't be getting anything Minotaur-specific from them because I've already put together most of my vehicles and marines.

  4. Tactical Squads are just the best, they are woefully under-appreciated these days! Belated (and that's putting in mildly) congratulations on the win :)

  5. I have yet to use asteroid but how on earth did he kill 10 assault marines in one turn?

    I must have read that wrong surly...?

  6. Yeah, slightly. Raye was using Tyberos; his Chapter Tactics combined with a Chaplain and a full strength squad of assault marines is ruinous. They were my Terminators getting slaughtered...