Wednesday, 31 October 2012


Two updates in a month? Blimey...
So, I've been building (and proofreading Betrayal). I've acquired a Storm Eagle, and despite having a few 'holy crap why don't I have an extra hand' moments, I'm thoroughly looking forward to painting it.

This is the Infernus, piloted by Brother Sciron. You'll note I've gone for a whole load of missile-based weapons - a Typhoon launcher in the nose, the rather awesome Vengeance launcher on the upper hull and four Hellstrike missiles in the wings. All blast templates, all the time...

It is a beast!

I'm planning a few extra bits of etched brass on the wings

Painting updates to follow - probably with some black chevron action to break up the gold on the hull.

Tuesday, 23 October 2012


Well it has been a while. I'm hoping to return to updating this a bit more regularly from now on, having got The Epic Summer of Shows (TM) out of the way.

So - models! I've been resisting the HH urge, until recently, having just started work on an Iron Warriors Contemptor, and in the meantime I've been putting Dystopian Wars stuff together - if you haven't seen the stuff for this range, check it out. It's ace!

Minotaurs-wise, well. I've got my Storm Talon finished, and I'm rather pleased with how it came out. I added a few decals and other details since taking these, but checken Sie aus, as they say in Germany*:
I'm very happy with how this has turned out

The business end, as they say... Ooer
 I've also completed both Landspeeders, the first of which is below, of Squadron Bahamut-alpha. The third will be constructed towards Christmas, I reckon.

Now the only quandary is whether or not to texture the flying base...
And after many years of sterling service, I've got a new Librarian, the rather classically-featured Codicier Lykourgas:

He wants to rock (rock)!
Finally, I tinkered about with the rather luvverly 40k 25th Anniversary model to lead Tactical Squad Chilon, as you can see. I absolutely love building Tactical squads, you can pack so much character in with comparatively simple conversions. These guys are all about the drum mags - especially on the Heavy Bolter. You might have seen the Legion heavy weapon upgrades that FW will be releasing in the near future, first shown at Games Day; I doubt I had anything to do with Will choosing to go for drum mag heavy bolters, but as you can see it looks Badabass (ar har)

'Brothers, shoot the crap out of them!'
*They don't say that in Germany. If anything it'd be 'auschecken Sie, bitte'...