Monday, 17 October 2011

Yes, I'm aware that there were no Thunderhawks :)

So here we be. I'm rocking a new laptop and have spent much of this evening playing Dawn of War 2 instead of building Spehss Mehrinz... I have 30 sets of Tactical marine legs on my hobby desk. Some will become Boarding/Siege Assault marines, others will replace some of my older models in tactical squads, and I'm not sure about the rest.

Anyway. I have a game against Nids tomorrow/today, 2,500pts to be exact. I hate playing Nids. So, here are some more pics - Thunderhawk, as promised, and some BFG... including my still to be painted conversion of the Dedalus Kraetyr itself, the Minotaurs' relic-flagship. I should get Alan to write some rules for it, really...
The Divine Justice

I did not hand-paint the lettering...

Some Dreadnoughts, yesterday

Que 'hammer time' gags.


  1. I love the staunch poses you have on your dreadnoughts. The script on the side of the Thunderhawk is really cool as well, it almost adds a texture to the larger flat panels.

    Great stuff Ead!

  2. Very nice! That scenic base for the Thunderhawk looks brilliant, have you got any wide angle shots of it?

    Gold armour just calls out for script doesn't it? Though I think that's how Lorgar got started...

    The BFG fleet is very nice as well, loving the Daedelus Kraetyr as well. I've started a small one myself but it's mostly just Imperial Navy at the moment, I want to add some Astartes ships to it as soon as I can!