Saturday, 21 January 2012

The B&C challenge continues...

Well I'm cracking through the bits that I'm doing for the B&C Librarium Painting Challenge 2012, and playing a bunch of games as well which is wicked. Mount&Blade: Warband is sucking huge swathes of my time away like a ridiculous time-vacuum, so I've not got as much done as I wanted. But I have found time to rebuild Brother-Captain Lyonidaes:
 He's rocking a Relic Blade, Storm Shield, Digital Weapons and Artificer Armour. I'm actually rather proud of him.

However! The Challenge!
Devastator Squad Epheus, 50% fully completed...
And here's the WIP element
Meanwhile, their Razorback is finished! I need a name for it...
Something like Calibrous Maximus

 I've also got one finished Boarding Marine, which I'm quite happy with except for his wierd lean...

I am really pleased with his shield!

The squad is expanding somewhat as well

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Another Challenge!

Well I have once again pledged myself to the B&C painting challenge... I failed last year so I'm actually hoping I can achieve something this time.

My pledge is to build and paint the following:

A 10-man Devastator squad equipped with Heavy Bolters
A Razorback
A 10-man Boarding Assault squad (in a Badab War style) - shields, bolters, a couple of chainswords, a graviton gun, a las-cutter and lets face it a flamer would be cool as well!

So far I am 4 marines into the Devastator squad... it's looking good!
4 of the Boarding Marines plus some tasty resin bases I blagged from Blake, our scenery guy :)

Devastators, in moody lighting.

Korvydae's head. Get Some!
Pictures will follow as soon as I can fumble my ham fists onto a camera.

And here they are! Yea, verily!