Friday, 16 August 2013

Dusting off

Well it's been a silent few months, although a very busy few months (the two points being fairly interlinked...).
As you may have seen, I are mostly be painting Iron Warriors for Aaron's A Tale of 5 Heretics, but I've also just bought Space Hulk on Steam and the sight of Brother Noctis on Overwatch, mowing down Genestealers to single-handedly achieve the mission where you have to block the entry points, inspired me.

So it's a work in progress type of update. I picked up the rather tasty Hecaton Aiakos kit shortly before jumping ship to my new job in Black Library, and I've spent this morning getting the bronze done...

Israel Gonzalez is a talented man

Also, as Apocalypse has been re-launched (you may have noticed), I'm adding to and finishing off my Masters of the Chapter. Brother-Captain Lyonidaes is counted amongst their number too.

Master of Rites and Master of the Arsenal

Lord Executioner and Master of the Fleet

Master of the Marches and Master of the Watch