Sunday, 16 October 2011

Dreadnoughts and Tanks and Thunderhawks, oh my!

Well, I am back from various foreign lands, and to celebrate I have a feast of images. Less infantry, more armour - that's today's watchword. So, without further ado...

Land Raiders a go-go

Deus Ferrum, Mars-pattern MkV Land Raider Achilles
Strength of Ares, Hekate-pattern Land Raider Redeemer
Iron Rain, MkV Phobos-pattern Land Raider Helios
Tempered Will, MkV Phobos-pattern Land Raider Prometheus

Relentless, MkV-pattern Land Raider Redeemer

 I do have quite a few Land Raiders, in fact. There's a standard Phobos-pattern on the way along with what I'm hoping will be a fairly cool looking modified Hekate-pattern Redeemer; MkIIb-style side sponsons with a MkV-style assault cannon mount. More details to follow. I also have these:

There are only two Whirlwinds in my squadrons because they are a bit dull. Some day I'll consider adding a third, but finally for today we have this gem. I only use it in Apocalypse games when Codex legality doesn't matter as much, but after the artists drew a Lamenters Baal Predator in IA9, and Alan gave it the telling description 'captured by the Minotaurs Chapter', I started adding a few more bits of Blood Angels equipment into my more recent squads and units. This is the Voice of the Martyr:



  1. The armour looks great man, really great. I have Land Raider envy!

    Keep up the great work Ead.

  2. Brilliant neat paintwork on these tanks Ead, and a very impressive collection of tanks - you definitely work at the right place!

    Voice of the Martyr is very nice as well - of course now with the advent of 6E you can use it as part of a counts-as Blood Angels Allied Detachment, should you feel the need!