Saturday, 3 December 2011

A Painting Challenge

So we are currently doing a Battleforce painting challenege here in the office. The rules are simple. We have 4 weeks (ish) to paint a Battleforce of our choice. The deadline is december 16th - also fuddle* day and Secret Santa day...
If we forfeit the challenge, however, everything we've managed to paint will be smashed and we have to buy a pint for everyone who has completed the challenge. Hhmm...

I went for Space marines, so I can add some more Space Marines to my Space Marines, and so far it's all going well. I've got 5 Tactical Marines still on their sprues and 5 built that need painting, and that's all I've got left so It's going well.
I also played a game against the new Necrons. Actually old Necrons with new rules, as Laurie from BL hadn't finished any of the exciting new stuff but still handed my arse to me on a big arse-plate. Shocking!!

*Fuddle - where evryone brings in an item of food and we spend the day eating, eventually becoming fat and sassy.

Anyway, some pictures...

A quick group shot...


  1. Loving these new models, and what are those pads i can see on those marines eh?

  2. Great blog! I love your Minotaurs, us Minotaur players have to stick together. They are by far my favorite chapter. I also started a Minotaurs army, you can check out my progress on my blog:

    I will definitely be following your progress.

  3. The most famous of your collection so far I think! Nice to see them again though. I like the reddy skin tones and the armour really is looking great.

    Also I like the getting of Space Marines to add Space Marines to Space Marines - it's been my way of working for many years now!