Friday, 6 April 2018

So I’m selling my Iron Warriors

Edit - now sold to a very happy new owner.

Does exactly what it says on the tin, really. This seems like a good place to put a public advert - and if you’re here after hearing about this on The Independent Characters podcast, then thanks Carl!

I’m asking £1500 plus shipping; no splits. I'm UK-based, but happy to ship internationally(let's talk first). 
You can see photos of the army in previous blog entries, or here. The army is also listed on the Heresy Trading page on Facebook.
If you’re interested, drop me a line either in the comments here, or send me an email (

This is an opportunity to buy a piece of Horus Heresy history, as I built this army both for Aaron Dembski-Bowden’s A Tale of Five Gamers blog series, and for playtesting Forge World's Crusade army list and Horus Heresy campaign scenarios (check your Black Books and you'll find me listed in the credits).
All genuine Forge World - I worked there from 2008-2013 - although some kits required some repair and or bodging during construction (due to being a FW staff member, some of them were damaged and/or miscast returns).
The army consists of:
Converted Warsmith
Converted Siege Breaker
Master of Signal
Rapier Battery - two graviton cannons (one converted for playtesting) and a laser destroyer
Contemptor Talon - two Dreadnoughts
Converted Tyrant Siege Terminator squad - 5-strong, and the first in the world as they were built for playtesting
Destroyer squad - part painted, 10-strong including two rad missile launchers
Tactical squad - 20-strong
Tactical squad - 20-strong
Tactical support squad - 10-strong with Volkites
Converted Breacher squad - 20-strong with two melta guns
Converted Iron Havoc squad - 5-strong with autocannons
Unpainted Heavy Support squad - 10-strong with autocannons
Predator squadron - 2 Executioners; one converted, one Deimos
Converted Medusa
Malcador (battle cannon, demolisher cannon, autocannons)
All in a GW army case, which I'll use to ship the army in (plus packaging of course). If you're interested, I can even throw in my playtest pdfs and army lists - now long superceded.

Friday, 4 September 2015

The Glorious IV/986

​So a fair few people have been asking me what the army list that I'm working to looks like:

Iron Warriors 986th Secondary Expedition Fleet (8976pts)

Legiones Astartes: Crusade Army List (Age of Darkness) (5000pts)

  • HQ (840pts)

    • Centurion-Artillerist Graegor Zhdanov - Legion Centurion (105pts)

      Power Armour, Refractor Field (10pts)
      Consul, Independent Character, Legiones Astartes
      • Consul (45pts)

        Master of Signal (45pts)
        Bombardment, Legion Support Officer
    • Centurion-Marshall Aleksandr Uborevich - Legion Centurion (200pts)

      Boarding Shield (10pts), 3x Phosphex Bombs (30pts), Power Armour, Thunder Hammer (25pts), Void Shield Harness (40pts)
      Consul, Crawling Fire, Independent Character, Legiones Astartes, Lingering Death
      • Consul (45pts)

        Siege Breaker (45pts)
        Art of Destruction
    • Warsmith-General Ieronim Mitras - Legion Praetor (535pts)

      Archaeotech Pistol (20pts), Artificer Armour, Combat Augment Array (35pts), Digital Lasers (15pts), Iron Halo (25pts), Master of the Legion, Mastercraft a Single Weapon (15pts), The Blind Helm of the Black Judges (40pts), Thunder Hammer (25pts), Warsmith
      Independent Character, Legiones Astartes, Master of the Legion, Shatter Defences
      • Raszrut Command Squad - Legion Command Squad (260pts)

        4x Combat Shield (20pts), 4x Combi-Weapon (40pts), 4x Legion Space Marine Chosen (80pts), Legion Standard Bearer, Melta Bombs (25pts), Power Fist (15pts), 2x Power Weapon (20pts)
        Chosen Warriors, Legiones Astartes, Retinue
  • Troops (1825pts)

    • Rakharyz Tactical Squad - Legion Tactical Squad (320pts)

      19x Legion Tactical Space Marines (190pts), Legion Vexilla (10pts), Nuncio-Vox (10pts), Take an additional Chainsword or Combat Blade (40pts)
      Fury of the Legion, Legiones Astartes
      • Legion Tactical Sergeant (10pts)

        Artificer Armour (10pts)
    • Spirodon Tactical Support Squad - Legion Tactical Support Squad (255pts)

      9x Legion Space Marines (135pts), Volkite Calivers (50pts)
      Deflagrate, Legiones Astartes, Support Squad
      • Legion Sergeant (30pts)

        Artificer Armour (10pts), Melta Bombs (5pts), Plasma Pistol (15pts)
    • Suvurov Breacher Squad - Legion Breacher Siege Squad (550pts)

      19x Legion Breacher Siege Space Marines (190pts), Legion Vexilla (15pts), Melta Bombs (100pts), 4x Melta gun (60pts), Nuncio-Vox (10pts)
      Hardened Armour, Legiones Astartes
      • Legion Breacher Siege Sergeant (40pts)

        Artificer Armour (10pts), One Breaching Charge (10pts), Thunder Hammer (20pts)
        Breacher Charge
    • Vassilov Recon Squad - Legion Reconnaissance Squad (360pts)

      Cameleoline (50pts), 9x Legion Space Marines (135pts), Melta Bombs (50pts), Nuncio-Vox (10pts), Replace Power Armour with Recon Armour, 9x Sniper Rifle (45pts)
      Acute Senses, Infiltrate, Legiones Astartes, Move Through Cover, Outflank, Scout, Support Squad
      • Legion Sergeant (5pts)

        Sniper Rifle (5pts)
    • Zushev Tactical Squad - Legion Tactical Squad (340pts)

      19x Legion Tactical Space Marines (190pts), Legion Vexilla (10pts), Nuncio-Vox (10pts), Take an additional Chainsword or Combat Blade (40pts)
      Fury of the Legion, Legiones Astartes
      • Legion Tactical Sergeant (30pts)

        Artificer Armour (10pts), Melta Bombs (5pts), Power Fist (15pts)
  • Elites (580pts)

    • Digamma-Omicron-Zero-Mu Battery - Legion Rapier Weapons Battery (205pts)

      • Legion Rapier Weapons Battery (75pts)

        Graviton Cannon (35pts)
        Extremely Bulky, Graviton Pulse, Legiones Astartes
      • Legion Rapier Weapons Battery (75pts)

        Graviton Cannon (35pts)
        Extremely Bulky, Graviton Pulse, Legiones Astartes
      • Legion Rapier Weapons Battery (55pts)

        Laser Destroyer Array (15pts)
        Extremely Bulky, Legiones Astartes
    • Optyn Veteran Squad - Legion Veteran Tactical Squad (375pts)

      Furious Charge, Heavy Flamer (15pts), 9x Legion Veteran Space Marines (135pts), Legion Vexilla (10pts), Melta Bombs (25pts), Melta Gun (15pts), Nuncio-Vox (10pts), 7x Power Weapon (70pts)
      Furious Charge (Furious Charge), Implacable Advance, Legiones Astartes, Veteran Tactics
      • Legion Veteran Sergeant (30pts)

        Artificer Armour (10pts), Thunder Hammer (20pts)
  • Heavy Support (1190pts)

    • Battery Epsilon-Nine - Legion Artillery Tank Squadron (310pts)

      • Epsilon-Nine-Alpha - Legion Medusa (155pts)

        Phosphex Shells
      • Epsilon-Nine-Beta - Legion Medusa (155pts)

        Phosphex Shells
    • Dux Ferrum - Legion Sicaran Battle Tank (195pts)

      Armoured Ceramite (20pts), Lascannons (40pts)
      Rapid Tracking
    • Hammer - Legion Vindicator (155pts)

      Dozer Blade (5pts), Machine Spirit (25pts), Twin-Linked Bolter (5pts)
      Machine Spirit
    • Nepriyaz Squadron - Legion Predator Strike Armoured Squadron (530pts)

      Command Tank (25pts)
      Command Tank
      • Child of Thunder - Legion Predator Tank (155pts)

        Executioner Plasma Cannon (35pts), Heavy Bolters (20pts), Machine Spirit (25pts)
        Machine Spirit
      • Cruel War - Legion Predator Tank (160pts)

        Dozer Blade (5pts), Executioner Plasma Cannon (35pts), Heavy Flamers (20pts), Machine Spirit (25pts)
        Machine Spirit
      • Sunderer - Legion Predator Tank (190pts)

        Dozer Blade (5pts), Lascannons (40pts), Machine Spirit (25pts), Magna-Melta Cannon (45pts)
        Machine Spirit
  • Legion

    • Legion Astartes

      IV: Iron Warriors
  • Lord of War (565pts)

    • #617 World Burner - Legion Fellblade (565pts)

      Armoured Ceramite (25pts), Laser Destroyer Sponsons, Space Marine Legion Crew (15pts)

Legiones Astartes: Crusade Army List (Age of Darkness) (3976pts)

  • HQ (661pts)

    • Batallion-Marshall Yosef Kyrillov - Erasmus Golg (481pts)

      Master of the Legion
      Brutal Charge, Harsh Taskmaster, Independent Character, Legiones Astartes, Master of the Legion, Terminator Attack
      • Zavoyev Command Squad - Legion Terminator Command Squad (306pts)

        Cataphractii Terminator Armour with Combi-bolter and Power Weapon (75pts), 3x Combi-weapon (21pts), Grenade Harness (10pts), 4x Legion Space Marine Chosen (80pts), Legion Standard Bearer, 4x Thunder Hammer (60pts)
        Chosen Warriors, Legiones Astartes, Retinue
    • Centurion-Executioner Vazsily Gorchev - Legion Centurion (180pts)

      Melta Bombs (5pts), Nanyte Blaster (40pts), Plasma Pistol (15pts), Plasma Pistol (15pts), Power Armour, Refractor Field (10pts)
      Consul, Independent Character, Legiones Astartes, Uncontrolled Replication
      • Consul (45pts)

        Moritat (45pts)
        Chain Fire, Counter-attack, Lone Killer, Scout
  • Troops (850pts)

    • Nikirov Terminator Squad - Legion Terminator Squad (430pts)

      Cataphractii Terminator Armour with Combi-bolter and Power Weapon, 2x Chainfist (20pts), 9x Legion Terminators (270pts), 2x Plasma Blaster (30pts), 7x Power Fist (35pts)
      Implacable Advance, Legiones Astartes
      • Legion Terminator Sergeant (20pts)

        Grenade Harness (10pts), Thunderhammer (10pts)
        Grenade Harness
    • Vladoniir Terminator Squad - Legion Terminator Squad (420pts)

      9x Legion Terminators (270pts), 3x Pair of Lightning Claws (45pts), 2x Plasma Blaster (30pts), Terminator Armour with Combi-bolter and Power Weapon
      Implacable Advance, Legiones Astartes
      • Legion Terminator Sergeant (20pts)

        Grenade Harness (10pts), Thunderhammer (10pts)
        Grenade Harness
  • Elites (1090pts)

    • Krushov Talon - Contemptor Dreadnought Talon (405pts)

      Dreadnought Talon
      • Malbeus the Harrower - Legion Contemptor Dreadnought (195pts)

        Multi-Melta, Plasma Blaster (20pts)
      • Zukhar the Unyielding - Legion Contemptor Dreadnought (210pts)

        Kheres Pattern Assault Cannon (15pts), Plasma Blaster (20pts)
    • Nessonov Tyrant Squad - Tyrant Siege Terminator Squad (300pts)

      Chainfist (5pts), Tyrant Siege Master, 4x Tyrant Terminator (200pts)
      Legiones Astartes, Wrecker
    • Zaitsev Destroyer Squad - Legion Destroyer Squad (385pts)

      9x Legion Destroyer Space Marine (180pts), Melta Bombs (25pts), 2x Missile Launcher with Suspensor Web and Rad Missiles Only (50pts)
      Counter Attack, Legiones Astartes, Rad-phage
      • Legion Destroyer Sergeant (60pts)

        Artificer Armour (10pts), 3x Phosphex Bombs (30pts), Thunder Hammer (20pts)
        Crawling Fire, Lingering Death
  • Heavy Support (970pts)

    • Battery Epsilon-Five - Legion Artillery Tank Squadron (445pts)

      Command Tank (25pts), Epsilon-Five-Alpha - Legion Basilisk (140pts), Epsilon-Five-Beta - Legion Basilisk (140pts), Epsilon-Five-Gamma - Legion Basilisk (140pts)
      Command Tank
    • Dredendor Havoc Squad - Iron Havoc Support Squad (325pts)

      9x Autocannon, 9x Iron Havoc (225pts)
      Deadly Aim, Hardened Armour, Legiones Astartes, Shrapnel Bolts, Tank Hunters
      • Iron Havoc Sergeant (15pts)

        Artificer Armour (10pts), Augury Scanner (5pts), Autocannon
    • Vastator Havoc Squad - Iron Havoc Support Squad (200pts)

      4x Autocannon, 4x Iron Havoc (100pts)
      Deadly Aim, Hardened Armour, Legiones Astartes, Shrapnel Bolts, Tank Hunters
      • Iron Havoc Sergeant (15pts)

        Artificer Armour (10pts), Augury Scanner (5pts), Autocannon
  • Legion

    • Legion Astartes

      IV: Iron Warriors
  • Lord of War (405pts)

    • War Machine Detachment (405pts)

      • #633 Doom of Sarnath - Legion Malcador Assault Tank (405pts)

        Armoured Ceramite (20pts), Autocannons (20pts), Demolisher Cannon (25pts), Flare Shield (25pts), Space Marine Legion Crew (15pts)
        Battle Speed

Profile Summary


Name Unit TypeWSBSSTWIALDSave Ref
Erasmus Golg Infantry (Character)654435392+ HH:LAICL p84
Iron Havoc Infantry444414183+ HH:LAICL p83
Iron Havoc Sergeant Infantry (Character)444414293+ HH:LAICL p83
Legion Destroyer Sergeant Infantry (Character)444414293+ HH:LACAL p21
Legion Destroyer Space Marine Infantry444414193+ HH:LACAL p21
Legion Praetor Infantry (Character)6544354102+ HH:LACAL p14
Legion Rapier Weapons Battery (Rapier Carrier) Artillery---72---3+ HH:LACAL p27
Legion Rapier Weapons Battery (Space Marine Crew) Infantry444414183+ HH:LACAL p27
Legion Sergeant Infantry (Character)444414293+ HH:LACAL p202
Legion Space Marine Infantry444414183+ HH:LACAL p202
Legion Space Marine Chosen Infantry544414282+ HH:LACAL p18
Legion Space Marine Standard Bearer Infantry544424292+ HH:LACAL p18
Legion Terminator Infantry444414282+ HH:LACAL p22
Legion Terminator Sergeant Infantry (Character)444414292+ HH:LACAL p22
Legion Veteran Sergeant Infantry (Character)444414293+ HH:LACAL p20
Legion Veteran Space Marine Infantry444414283+ HH:LACAL p20
Master of Signal Infantry (Character)554425393+ HH:LACAL p17
Moritat Infantry (Character)554425393+ HH:LACAL p17
Siege Breaker Infantry (Character)554425393+ HH:LACAL p17
Tyrant Siege Master Infantry (Character)444414292+ HH:LAICL p82
Tyrant Terminator Infantry444414282+ HH:LAICL p82


Name BSFrontSideRearHPType Ref
Legion Basilisk 41210103Tank HH:LACAL p56
Legion Fellblade 314131212Super-heavy Vehicle HH:LACAL p70
Legion Malcador Assault Tank 31313126Super-heavy Vehicle, Fast HH:LACAL p69
Legion Medusa 41210103Tank HH:LACAL p56
Legion Predator Tank 41311103Tank HH:LACAL p51
Legion Sicaran Battle Tank 41312123Tank, Fast HH:LACAL p60
Legion Vindicator 41311103Tank HH:LACAL p57


Name WSBSSFrontSideRearIAHPType Ref
Contemptor Dreadnought 557131210423Walker HH:LACAL p26

Wargear Item

Name Description Ref
Armoured Ceramite A vehicle with this wargear is not subject to the additional D6 armour penetration caused by weapons with the Melta special rule. HH:LACAL p88
Atomantic Shielding Gains 5++ Invulnerable save from shooting attacks and explosions, and a 6++ Invulnerable save in close combat. In addition, add +1 to the range of explosions from the Reactor Blast rule. HH3: Extermination p207
Augury Scanner Models cannot be deployed using the Infiltrate special rule within 18" of an Augury Scanner. A unit carrying an Augury Scanner gains the Interceptor rule against enemy units deploying via Deep Strike within 18" HH:LACAL p88
Boarding Shield Confers 6++ invulnverable save, increasing to a 5++ in close combat. User is treated as having defensive grenades, but may never claim the extra attack for being armed with an additional close combat weapon. HH:LACAL p89
Cameleoline Confers Stealth
Cataphractii Terminator Armour Affords a 2+ armour save and 4++ Invulnerable save, Slow and Purposeful, Bulky, may not perform sweeping advance. Models in a unit joined by a model in Cataphractii Terminator Armour do not have the Slow and Purposeful rule conferred on them, contrary to the usual application of the rule, but must remain in coherency with the joined character while they stay with the unit (which may limit their distance moved overall, consolidation moves, etc.) HH:LACAL p91
Cognis-signum Model equipped with Cognis-sigum gains Night Vision special rule. In addition, in lieu of firing a weapon in the Shooting phase, a single designated unit of the controlling player's choice withing 6" of the signum-equipped model (excluding Independent Characters and Super-Heavies) gains a bonus of +1 to their BS for that shooting phase. HH:LACAL p88
Digital Lasers Provides +1 Attack in close combat HH:LACAL p87
Flare Shield A flare shield operates against shooting attacks that strike the vehicle's front arc. It reduces the strength of attacks by weapons with the Templae or Blast type by -2, and other shooting attacks by -1. A flare shield has no effect on attacks from close combat or with the Destroyer rule. HH:LACAL p89
Iron Halo Confers 4++ Invulnerable Save
Legion Standard All of the Controlling player's unist with the Legiones Astartes special rule within 6" of a Legion Standard (including its bearer) are Fearless. HH:LACAL p90
Legion Vexilla A unit with a Legion Vexilla may re-roll failed Morale tests. HH:LACAL p90
Nuncio-vox Units arriving via Deep Strike within 6" of a Nuncio-vox do not scatter. When barrage weapons are used by the controlling player, line of sight may be drawn from any model equipped with a Nuncio-vox as well as the firing model itself. Range is still drawn from the firing model. It may not be used inside a vehicle. HH:LACAL p91
Omni-scope Provides the Tyrant Siege Master with the Split-fire and Night Vision rules. HH:LAICL p82
Rad Grenades During a turn in which a unit equipped with Rad Grenades assaults or is assaulted, the enemy unit(s) suffer a -1 penalty to the Toughness until the end of the Assault Phase. This does affect the victim's Instant Death thresholds. HH:LACAL p84
Refractor Field Confers 5++ Invulnerable Save
Space Marine Legion Crew A tank with this upgrade increases its Ballistic Skill to 4 HH:LACAL p65


Name RangeStrengthAPType Ref
Accelerator Autocannon 48"74Heavy 6, Rending, Rapid Tracking HH:LACAL p61
Archaeotech Pistol 12"63Pistol, Master-crafted HH:LACAL p82
Blind Helm 12"53Assault 2D6* HH4: Conquest p225
Bombardment Unlimited83Ordnance D3, Large Blast, Barrage
Breacher Charge Special82Melee, One Use, Blast, Wrecker HH:LACAL p86
Earthshaker Cannon 36" - 240"93Ordnance 1, Barrage, Large Blast HH:LACAL p92
Executioner Plasma Cannon 36"72Heavy 3, Blast HH:LACAL p92
Fellblade Accelerator Cannon (AE Shell) 100"92Heavy 1, Armourbane, Blast HH:LACAL p70
Fellblade Accelerator Cannon (HE Shell) 100"83Ordnance 1, Massive Blast (7") HH:LACAL p70
Graviton Cannon 36"*4Heavy 1, Large Blast, Concussive, Graviton Pulse, Haywire HH:LACAL p83
Grenade Harness 8"3-Assault 2, Blast, One use HH:LACAL p83
Kheres Pattern Assault Cannon 24"64Heavy 6, Rending HH:LACAL p83
Laser Destroyer 36"91Ordnance 1, Twin-linked HH:LACAL p84
Magna-Melta Cannon 18"81Heavy 1, Large Blast, Melta HH:LACAL p92
Medusa Siege Gun 36"102Ordnance 1, Barrage, Large Blast HH:LACAL p92
Nanyte Blaster 12"52Assault 1, Fleshbane, Uncontrolled Replication HH4: Conquest p223
Phosphex Bomb 6"52Assault 1, One Use, Blast, Poisoned (3+), Crawling Fire, Lingering Death HH:LACAL p84
Plasma Blaster 18"72Assault 2, Gets Hot! HH:LACAL p84
Quad Lascannon 48"92Heavy 2, Twin-linked HH:LACAL p70
Rad Missiles 48"43Heavy 1, Blast, Fleshbane, Rad-phage HH:LACAL p85
Volkite Caliver 30"65Heavy 2, Deflagrate HH:LACAL p85

Selection Rules

Acute Senses
Art of Destruction: Siege Breaker has the Tank Hunter and Wrecker Special Rules applied to his attacks and confers these rules to the heavy weapon shooting attacks of any infantry unit he joins. (HH1: Betrayal p191)
Battle Speed: May move Flat-out in the shooting phase and fire its traverse-mounted weapon at full BS, either before or after the flat out move. (HH:LACAL p69)
Bombardment: Once per game, in lieu of firing a weapon in the Shooting phase, you may opt to call in a bombardment attack.
Breacher Charge: May be used in assault isntead of the carrying model's normal attacks or weapons. The model makes a single attack. Place the Blast template anywhere in base contact with the attacking model so it covers the enemy. The template may not cover friendly models. Roll to hit against the majority Weapon Skill of the enemy (buildings, emplacements, and stationary vehicles are hit automatically). On a hit, the template remains where it was placed. On a miss, roll a scatter die and flip the template in the direction indicated (always flips). (HH1: Betrayal p233)
Brutal Charge: Golg and any Terminator-armoured models in a unit that he joins gain Hammer of Wrath (HH:LAICL p84)
Chain Fire: When attacking with pistol weapons, the Moritat may declare a Chain Fire attack. For every successful hit, they may make an immediate additional shooting attack with the weapon against the same target and may continue doing so until they miss with that weapon - note that the Gunslinger rule applies so the Moritat may fire two pistols at once. After making a Chain Fire attack, the Moritat may not assault in that player turn or use shooting attacks in the following turn. (HH1: Betrayal p191)
Chosen Warriors: All models may issue and accept challenges as if Characters. This does not confer any of the other special rules associated with Characters. (HH:LACAL p80)
Command Tank: If the vehicle is upgraded to a command tank, then all models in the same army within 24" may re-roll failed Morale checks. (HH:FAQ p5)
Consul: (HH:LACAL p16)
Counter Attack
Crawling Fire: After the blast marker is placed for a weapon with this rule, the firer may move the marker up to 2" in any direction so long as this would cover more models than previously. (HH:LACAL p84)
Deadly Aim: A unit fired upon by a model with this rule has its cover saves reduced by -1 against these attacks. (HH:LAICL p83)
Deflagrate: After normal attacks by this weapon have been resolved, count the number of unsaved wounds caused on the target unit. Immediately resolve a number of additional automatic hits on the same unit using the weapon's profile equal to the number of unsaved wounds - these can then be saved normally. Models must still be in range in order for the additional hits to take effect. These additional hits do not themselves cause more hits. (HH:LACAL p85)
Dreadnought Talon: Dreadnoughts taken as a part of a Talon must deploy with 6" of each other but afterwards are treated as independent units. (HH:LACAL p26)
Extremely Bulky
Furious Charge (Furious Charge)
Fury of the Legion: (HH:LACAL p30)
Graviton Pulse: Instead of rolling to wound normally with this weapon, any model caught in its blast must instead roll equal to or under their Strength on a D6 or suffer a wound (a roll of a 6 always counts as a failure). After the Graviton pulse weapon has been fired, leave the Blast marker in place. This area now counts as both difficult terrain and dangerous terrain for the next turn. (HH:LACAL p83)
Grenade Harness: When fired, the firing terminator and any squad they have joined count as having assault grenades in the Assault phase of that turn. (HH:LACAL p83)
Hardened Armour: Hardened Armour counts as being Void Hardened. Failed armour saves against template and blast weapons may be re-rolled. Reduces distance rolled for charges, sweeping advances, and run moves by 1" (HH:LACAL p32)
Harsh Taskmaster: All units with Legiones Astartes (Iron Warriors) may use his leadership for Morale checks. (HH:LAICL p84)
Implacable Advance: Unit is always counted as a scoring unit where Troops are also counted as scoring units. (HH:LACAL p22)
Independent Character
Legion Support Officer: A Consul of this type may not be used as a compulsory HQ choice for the army unless specifically exempted by a particular Legiones Astartes rule or Rite of War. (Horus Heresy 7th Ed FAQ)
Legiones Astartes: - Units with this special rules may always attempt to regroup regardless of casualties.
- Additional rules conferred by Legiones Astartes (____) (HH:LACAL p80)
Lingering Death: When a blast weapon is used with this rule, leave the blast marker in play for the rest of the game. This area is now treated as dangerous terrain for all models with a Toughness value and open-topped vehicles. (HH:LACAL p84)
Lone Killer: A Moritat may not be taken as a Compulsory HQ choice, only as an optional HQ choice, and may never be the army’s Warlord. Note that this means a Moritat may not be taken as part of an Allied Contingent. They may not join units or travel inside transports with other units except Legion Destroyer squads. They may not benefit from any Blessing type psychic powers, or from Leadership bonuses, Leadership re-rolls or other beneficial special rules provided by other friendly models or army-wide effects which are the result of a Rite of War. (HH1: Betrayal p191)
Machine Spirit: Confers the Power of the Machine Spirit special rule. (HH:LACAL p239)
Master of the Legion: (HH:LACAL p15)
Move Through Cover
Rad-phage: A model which loses one or more wounds to an attack with this rule and survives suffers a -1 penalty to its Toughness value for the rest of the battle. (HH:LACAL p84)
Rapid Tracking: Targets may not take a Jink save against damage from this weapon. (HH:LACAL p61)
Retinue: A Legion Command squad may only be chosen as a retinue for a Legion Praetor or an HQ with the Master of the Legion special rule, and may not be taken as part of an army on their own. They take up a single Force Organisation chart selection with that Praetor/Master of the Legion, but do not have to be deployed with him and are treated as a separate unit during the game. (HH:LACAL p19)
Shatter Defences: After deployment, before Scout moves and Infiltrators are placed, select one piece of terrain in the enemy deployment zone. May not be a piece of terrain purchased as a part of their list. The cover save provided by the target is reduced by -1. (HH:LAICL p81)
Shrapnel Bolts: Heavy Bolters gain Pinning and reduce AP value to 5.

All Heavy Bolters/Twin-linked Heavy Bolters/Quad Heavy Bolters in unit are affected. (HH:LAICL p81)
Support Squad: May not fill the compulsory Troops slots on a Force Organization chart. (HH:LACAL p33)
Tank Hunters
Terminator Attack: Legion Terminator Squads may be taken as Troops in an army with Golg as the Warlord (HH:LAICL p84)
Uncontrolled Replication: Should a model be slain by the Nanyte Blaster, roll a D6. On a 4+ center a Large Blast marker on the model's position and resolve a blast attack at Str 5 AP 2. Further casualties may themselves trigger futher Uncontrolled Replications. (HH4: Conquest p223)
Veteran Tactics: (HH1: Betrayal p194)
Wrecker: Attacks with this special rule may re-roll failed armour penetration rolls against fortifications and immobile structures and add +1 to any result rolled on the Building Damage chart. If this attack damages a bulkhead or wall section of terrain and destroys it, remove that section of terrain from play if possible. (HH:LACAL p87)


  Units Models Upgrades
Legiones Astartes: Crusade Army List (Age of Darkness) 14x 4745pts 52.86% 56x 1755pts 19.55% 168x 3890pts 43.33%
HQ 3x 840pts 9.35% 3x 840pts 9.35% 41x 930pts 10.36%
Troops 4x 1570pts 17.49% 40x 420pts 4.67% 79x 1415pts 15.76%
Elites 2x 580pts 6.46% 12x 340pts 3.78% 19x 290pts 3.23%
Heavy Support 4x 1190pts 13.25% 1x 155pts 1.72% 24x 1215pts 13.53%
Legion 0x 0pts 0% 0x 0pts 0% 2x 0pts 0%
Lord of War 1x 565pts 6.29% 0x 0pts 0% 3x 40pts 0.44%
Legiones Astartes: Crusade Army List (Age of Darkness) 9x 3090pts 34.42% 14x 825pts 9.19% 130x 3723pts 41.47%
HQ 1x 180pts 2.00% 1x 180pts 2.00% 25x 1208pts 13.45%
Troops 2x 850pts 9.46% 0x 0pts 0% 42x 780pts 8.68%
Elites 2x 685pts 7.63% 13x 645pts 7.18% 18x 800pts 8.91%
Heavy Support 3x 970pts 10.80% 0x 0pts 0% 38x 830pts 9.24%
Legion 0x 0pts 0% 0x 0pts 0% 2x 0pts 0%
Lord of War 1x 405pts 4.51% 0x 0pts 0% 5x 105pts 1.16%
Roster 23x 7835pts 87.28% 70x 2580pts 28.74% 298x 7613pts 84.81%

Created with BattleScribe

New Roster (1510pts)

Astra Militarum: Codex (2014) (Apocalypse) (1510pts)

  • Lords of War (1510pts)

    • Macharius Vulcan (FW) (405pts)

      2x Heavy Stubbers, Turret-mounted Vulcan Mega-bolter, Twin-linked Heavy Stubber

      Vulcan - Fire twice at same target if stationary

    • Shadowsword (455pts)

      Searchlight, Smoke Launchers, Volcano Cannon

      Volcano Cannon Penetration

    • Valdor Tank Hunter (FW) (330pts)

      Autocannon (10pts), Hull-mounted Neutron Laser Projector, Searchlight, Smoke Launchers

      Engine Damage, Feedback, Shock Pulse, Unstable Reactor

    • Valdor Tank Hunter (FW) (320pts)

      Heavy Stubber, Hull-mounted Neutron Laser Projector, Searchlight, Smoke Launchers

      Engine Damage, Feedback, Shock Pulse, Unstable Reactor

Profile Summary


Name BSFrontSideRearHPType Ref
Macharius 31413126Super-heavy Vehicle Imperial Armour Apocalypse 2013 p34
Shadowsword 31413129Super-heavy Vehicle 40k Apocalypse 2nd Ed
Valdor Tank Hunter 31312116Super-heavy Vehicle Imperial Armour Apocalypse 2013 p40

Wargear Item

Name Description Ref
Searchlight Used when the Night Fighting rules are in effect. If a vehicle has a searchlight, it can, after firing all of its weapons, choose to illuminate its target with the searchlight. If it does so, it also illuminates itself. You may place markers next to the units, and next to the vehicle, to show it has used its searchlights this turn. Illumination lasts until the end of the following turn. Illuminated units gain no benefit from the Night Fighting special rule. Warhammer 40k rulebook
Smoke Launchers Once per game, instead of shooting or moving Flat Out (or Running in the case of Walkers), a vehicle with smoke launchers can trigger them. Place some cotton wool or some other appropriate counter next to the vehicle to show it is obscured. The vehicle may not fire any of its weapons in the same turn as it used smoke launchers, but counts as obscured in the next enemy Shooting phase, receiving a 5+ cover save. After the enemy’s Shooting phase, the smoke disperses with no further effect. Note that a vehicle may still use smoke launchers even if has suffered a Crew Shaken or Stunned result or it does not have any shooting weapons. Warhammer 40k rulebook


Name RangeStrengthAPType Ref
Autocannon 4874Heavy 2 Codex: Astra Militarum
Heavy Stubber 3646Heavy 3 Codex: Astra Militarum
Neutron Laser Projector 72101Primary Weapon 1, Concussive, Feedback, Shock Pulse Imperial Armour Apocalypse 2013 p135
Volcano Cannon 180D2Primary Weapon 1, 7" Blast, Destroyer Weapon Imperial Armour Apocalypse 2013 p136
Vulcan Mega-bolter 6063Heavy 15 Imperial Armour Apocalypse 2013 p135

Selection Rules

Engine Damage: (Imperial Armour Apocalypse 2013 p6)

Feedback: (Imperial Armour Apocalypse 2013 p135)

Shock Pulse: (Imperial Armour Apocalypse 2013 p135)

Unstable Reactor: (Imperial Armour Apocalypse 2013 p6)

Volcano Cannon Penetration: (IA1 2nd Ed p100)

Vulcan - Fire twice at same target if stationary: (Imperial Armour Apocalypse 2013 p33)


  Units Models Upgrades
Astra Militarum: Codex (2014) (Apocalypse) 4x 1510pts 100% 4x 1510pts 100% 14x 10pts 0.66%
Lords of War 4x 1510pts 100% 4x 1510pts 100% 14x 10pts 0.66%
Roster 4x 1510pts 100% 4x 1510pts 100% 14x 10pts 0.66%

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Of Changes, Playtesting, Army Choices, and Much Length; Part the Second

Ok, are you still with me after the last epistle? Yeah? Good! No real ado at all for this post, just picking up where I left off. If these two posts were a hashtag, they'd be #FullForceFriday...

The 986th currently counts two formidable Contemptor Dreadnoughts amongst its strength - Zhukar the Unyielding, entombed within Ferrus Pertinax, and Malbeus the Harrower, entombed within Perditus Magnificat:

Zhukar was the first Iron Warrior I painted

Brother Zhukhar stood alongside Centurion-Marshall Uborevich in the Emperor’s name, purging heinous agri-cults in the Nordafrik Conclaves and debased data-warlock tribes in the ravaged cities of the Francks, earning a reputation for unerring marksmanship, cold strategy and merciless humours.

When the Wars of Unification became the Great Crusade, the CMLXXXVI Grand Company voyaged far from Terra and their Legion brothers alike, reclaiming world after world from the clutches of Old Night. They fought xenos predators and tainted petty-fiefdoms alike, and always did Zhukhar form the tip of the Iron Warrior’s spear, standing shoulder to shoulder with the Tauromanch; matching his commander’s hammer blows with brutal firepower. Upon the benighted world of 15-986-22, the Iron Warriors stood against a nameless xeno-kind, strange creatures that took the forms of others to disguise their own, armed with beam weapons of an unknown design. The fighting was cruel and constant, and casualties were high, forcing the Iron Warriors to construct long chains of redoubts and fortifications to house their supplies and for their Apothecaries to minister to the wounded.

The largest of these was ringed with many-layered defences; bunkers and trenches in an impenetrable pattern, and it was here that Zhukhar’s command came under an attack in unprecedented strength. The xenos-breed seemingly ignored the defence lines, attacking directly into the central keep and seeking out wounded Space Marines with blasphemous vigour. Zhukhar ordered his brothers to withdraw, personally forming the rearguard and pacing steadily backwards. His rotor cannon burned red-hot with his ceaseless fire, and the alien beam-weapons inflicted terrible wounds upon him. Zhukhar cared not, and despite his torn flesh managed to overload the great antomantic arc-reactor that powered the keep, outnumbered hundreds of times over. The resulting blast engulfed the majority of the xenos force, and Uborevich the Tauromanch was able to isolate and destroy the remainder with ease. Zhukhar’s remains, blind and horribly rent, were recovered in the midst of the shattered keep and by some fluke chance life still burned in him.

The Contemptor-pattern dreadnought Ferrus Pertinax had recently been delivered to the 986th by the Mechanicum Forge-Barque that accompanied the fleet, and Zhukhar – already being called The Unyielding for his stubborn and uncaring defence – was entombed within it. The weapon he so often fielding in life was replaced with an early-pattern Kheres assault cannon, and restored, Zhukhar yet stands alongside his Centurion-Master in war undending.

Brother Malbeus was once a Centurion-Moritat of the 986th Grand Company, a dedicated and implacable killer who cared only for victory at any cost. Considered ill-omened by some, the rank of Centurion-Moritat was unknown among Ieronim Mitras’ troops throughout the Unification Wars until, in the ancient land of Franckia, a coven of heinous data-warlock tribes renounced the Emperor’s just rule and rose up in bloody rebellion.

Furious at this betrayal, Mitras was granted sanction to use weapons otherwise forbidden, and the first of the 986th’s Destroyer cadres was formed by then-Captain Malbeus from amongst his own company. At his order, the proscribed horrors of rad-weaponry were brought forth to mar the ailing soil of Terra once more; the data-warlocks’ own forbidden lore scant defence against the steady tread of Malbeus and his Destroyers. Attacking unlooked-for in support of the main advance of the 986th, the ominous chitter of rad-counters and the terrible blight of chemical fog were Malbeus’ banner and herald, and before long the last remnants of the data-cult were besieged in an ancient and crumbling librarium, deep in the heart of a long-dead and nameless city.

The oldest and most powerful data-warlocks gathered in a deep and hidden vault, hundreds of their slaves being sacrificed to the Iron Warriors’ guns while they took forth their most ancient and powerful of digital sorceries. Into this vile gathering, Malbeus plunged like a thunderbolt, plasma pistols burning hot and the hideous blasts of his rad-grenades sloughing flesh from bone all about him. When the main assault forces of the 986th broke through the chaff of the data-warlocks, they found a charnel house at the centre of the complex – the high priests of the cults, ravaged and deformed by the terrible weaponry of Malbeus, lay dead or dying, their forbidden magics and malign yet it was a hollow triumph to the fell warriors of the hand-picked cadre of Destroyers. They bore the ragged corpse of their commander solemnly out of the shattered vault complex, and delivered him to Warsmith-General Mitras and his Apothecarion.

Some vestige of life still burned within Malbeus’ body, and he was duly implanted into the first Contemptor-pattern Dreadnought chassis to be supplied to the 986th, dubbed Perditus Magnificat. Although his new form precludes Malbeus – now called the Harrower for his brutal campaign against the data-warlocks of Franckia – from utilising the rad-weaponry he so preferred in flesh-life, he wields the scorched multi-melta of his chassis with the same skill and cold fury, often acting in support of the Destroyer cadre he originally created.

The Elites section of the 986th is currently rounded out by Digamma-Omicron-Zero-Mu Rapier Battery (yeah that's right, D-O-0-M) and the dreaded veterans of Bessonov Tyrant Squad:
D-O-0-M Alpha

D-O-0-M Beta
D-O-0-M Gamma
(once the subject of feverish speculation about new Forge World kits)
Always seeking to ensure every possible tactical advantage, the Rapier armoured carriers of Digamma-Omicron-Zero-Mu Battery were first manufactured for the IV/986 Secondary Expeditionary Fleet aboard the great Forge-Barque Isomorphic Paradox as the fleet left the Sol system and set course for the trackless void. The grim crewmen of these workhorses of the 986th perhaps epitomise the philosophy of the IV Legion as a whole, stoically accepting any duty no matter how gruelling, and taking a certain malign pleasure in carefully positioning their weapons in optimal firing positions to corral and channel an enemy force with overlapping graviton blasts; the laser destroyer of Unit Beta acting much as an infantry sniper would to deliver the killing blow to a trapped and ailing mechanised or heavily-armoured target.

Originally built to playtest the rules for these bad boys, they proved their worth against Alan Bligh's Iron Hands in one of the best games I've ever played

The massive armoured form of Tyrant Siege Terminator armour is a relatively new sight amongst the ranks of the IV/986th, introduced in the closing stages of the destruction of the Nozhetarushi Technomancers.

As the worlds dominated by this fell civilisation were slowly taken by the forces of the IV/986 Fleet, ever-larger and more powerful machine constructs were deployed by the Technomancers in their desperation. Konstantin Bagramyan, senior sergeant of the 986th’s Terminator elite, identified the potential benefit of adapted Cataphractii armour mounting significant heavy weapons to target and destroy the dreadful engines of the Technomancers. After various experimental designs and combinations of armament being tested by the magii of the Isomorphic Paradox, the addition of a Cyclone missile launcher was deemed the most tactically flexible.

The first battlefield deployment of the Tyrant armour was during the Incident at Khalkhin-Gol, a massed counter-attack by the Nozhetarushi with the intention of crushing and eliminating the greater part of the 986th’s strength and its command and control elements. Teleporting directly into the path of the rampaging speartip of Technomancer war engines, the five veterans of Bessonov Terminator Squad immediately came under punishing fire. Trusting in their armour, and striding forth into the fray, however, they stood unbowed in the storm of munitions, Sergeant Bagramyan’s enhanced targeting systems identifying optimal firing solutions for each of the estimated six hundred enemy war machines. The horror of the Technomancer armies was in their use of abominable intelligences – fighting machines that did not require a human element in their construction and deployment, unlike the glorious battle-servitors and war-robots of Blessed Mars – and unfettered by any mortal concerns, the slaughter wreaked during the Kalkhin-Gol engagement was great indeed.

Bessonov stood unyielding, however – the very fabric of their Cataphractii armour beginning to fray and fail under the hellish bombardment. Just as it seemed they would surely fall, Sergeant Bagramyan’s targeting data was fed to each of his brothers, and the counter-bombardment began in a hail of Cyclone missiles. The Technomancer war-engines were systematically bracketed and destroyed in volley after volley of co-ordinated strikes, and within a matter of minutes, hundreds of the infernal devices were burning wrecks. The tide was turned by Bessonov, and since that day the use of Tyrant Siege Terminator armour has been enshrined in the tactical doctrine of Warsmith-General Mitras.

I can feel myself getting the itch to paint! To avoid bombarding you (see what I did there) with too much text at once, dear reader, I'm going to make this at least a 3-part post. Next time, Troops! And for now, I leave you with some shots of the army as a whole on the field of battle, fighting against Carl Tuttle's Word Bearers.

Talk about a refused flank!

The Iron Curtain shuffles forwards...

That Spartan fills me with concern... Lorgar Himself is in it (clue: I lost this game)

You can probably guess my plan - the Predators are about to commence a 'danger close' fire mission...