Thursday, 5 January 2012

Another Challenge!

Well I have once again pledged myself to the B&C painting challenge... I failed last year so I'm actually hoping I can achieve something this time.

My pledge is to build and paint the following:

A 10-man Devastator squad equipped with Heavy Bolters
A Razorback
A 10-man Boarding Assault squad (in a Badab War style) - shields, bolters, a couple of chainswords, a graviton gun, a las-cutter and lets face it a flamer would be cool as well!

So far I am 4 marines into the Devastator squad... it's looking good!
4 of the Boarding Marines plus some tasty resin bases I blagged from Blake, our scenery guy :)

Devastators, in moody lighting.

Korvydae's head. Get Some!
Pictures will follow as soon as I can fumble my ham fists onto a camera.

And here they are! Yea, verily!


  1. Excellent job on what you've done so far Ead, loads of inspiration for my own Minotaurs.

  2. Aah they're yours on the facebook page then?
    Lovely work there mate - the verdigris looks great!

    Trawling through your thread at the moment and stealing ideas ;)

  3. Yup, they'd be the ones. Just going to base my Contemptor and throw that up. The verdigris is the easiest bit - a 1/1/1 mix of white, hawk turquoise and scaly green watered down to a wash. I'll be bringing them up to WHW beginning of march if you fancy a butchers in the flesh.