Saturday, 21 January 2012

The B&C challenge continues...

Well I'm cracking through the bits that I'm doing for the B&C Librarium Painting Challenge 2012, and playing a bunch of games as well which is wicked. Mount&Blade: Warband is sucking huge swathes of my time away like a ridiculous time-vacuum, so I've not got as much done as I wanted. But I have found time to rebuild Brother-Captain Lyonidaes:
 He's rocking a Relic Blade, Storm Shield, Digital Weapons and Artificer Armour. I'm actually rather proud of him.

However! The Challenge!
Devastator Squad Epheus, 50% fully completed...
And here's the WIP element
Meanwhile, their Razorback is finished! I need a name for it...
Something like Calibrous Maximus

 I've also got one finished Boarding Marine, which I'm quite happy with except for his wierd lean...

I am really pleased with his shield!

The squad is expanding somewhat as well


  1. Nice work Ead, the assault cannon conversion on the Razorback is particularly cool.

    Where did you find the Captain's Storm Shield? I've been looking for similar for a while but have come up a bit short.

  2. Hi mate, loving these as per usual!
    the forge world front on that razorback is very very good.

    Hey do you know where i can get a look at will hayes carcharodons?


  3. Thanks guys :)
    Steve - the shield is one of the Black Lotus Tribe shields, with the design trimmed off.
    I've also just ordered myself some of the Scibor 'spartan' shields for use on some Terminators.

    Marsekay - it's the one from the Deimos Predator, as I built that with a standard front.
    Will's stuff isn't really anywhere except a couple of GW 'What's New Today' blogs

  4. Hey ead, the scibor shields look REALLY good, (i shaved the detail off mine the put decals on) you can see the results here

    I would have thought FW cant be far off producing their own???

    Regarding Will's sharks, ive seen them once on GW's pages, the same time as they showed yours and some others. is there another post?

    I need toi get me that deimos at some point!


  5. Your captain looks great! I like your use of Greek names.

    The paint job on the Razorback looks really good. How did you do it?

  6. Thanks :) The Razorback was done exactly as I do my infantry - basecoat Tin Bitz, overbrush Dwarf Bronze then Shining Gold then a drybrush of Mithril Silver. The metal areas are just Boltgun Metal washed with Badab Black and then the black bits are just Chaos Black.

  7. Lyonidaes looks ace, and those Boarding Marines have made me feel the need to somehow get some models poking power spears through those side mounts! Hmm...