Saturday, 19 January 2013

New year, new models

Hello all, happy belated new year and all that.
So I've been painting assault marines, Sanguinary Guard-based assault marines, in fact. It's all about that Adonian musculature.

These guys are, as you can tell, something of an anti-armour squad. They are Squad Actaeon, veterans of the Battle of Optera who have taken battle gear and relics from the Lamenters to restore and replace their former wargear.

Sergeant Actaeon loves his new wrist-mounted bolter...

I've also used some FW bits on here, specifically some Phobos-pattern pistols which I think look wicked

There's parts from what, three different Chapters on here... Minotaurs pads, Blood Angels torsos/legs, Black Templars helmets. I do love the bitz box :)
I've also been tinkering with the start of a couple more squads, as you can see:

The witch hunters on the shelf disapprove of all this gold.
If you're interested, their names are Matthias Hopkyns and Bultitudes Loke.
The first will be a new Tactical squad, lead by the Sergeant on the left who's converted from the Games Day model for this year. I'm not sure what the rest of the guys will have but I think that a Lascannon might be in order:

Drum mags look wicked on bolters!!

The second is either going to be a Devastator marine or a Devastator sergeant (yes I know he can't have a heavy bolter but... it looks cool):

His bionic eye lets him perceive the awesomeness of his drum mag in glorious HD

Coming soon: a Storm Talon made from a new Nephilim fighter, plus a hodload* of Terminators.

*A hod, as featured in the classic DKM song Finnegan's Wake, is the thing in which a bricklayer carries bricks.


  1. These guys are awesome. The Kit bashing here really works. The MkIV helmets in particular!

  2. Cheers :) There's nothing like a fulsome bitz box, as they say

  3. Matthew Hopkins !?!?

    I wonder who he works for...

    1. The Church of Sigmar, of course :-)