Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Works In Progress

or, The Detritus of the Painting Table...

So the Storm Eagle is proceeding apace. I'm constantly struck by how cool this kit is, especially now I've got some paint on it. No real ado here, check it out:

He's rocking fully tinted glass. It's illegal, but what are the Adeptus Arbites going to do?

You can sort of see the black identification stripe pattern here

And slightly better here. Masking tape, how I do love thee!
In other news, as the title suggests, I'm trying to finish up a few of the projects I've had hanging around for a while. Up first is this Land Speeder Storm. I had some really thin brass tube that I got at IPMS a few years ago (yes those hair-thin black lines are brass tube) that I figured would probably work quite well for rappelling lines. And after a bit of swearing, some tweezer/activator shenanigans, and trimming a few silencers from Scout bolt pistols, we have this:

Heavy bolter guy out front is ruining their cover...

Spec ops, yeah!

Scout-novice Hawkeye is silently despairing at Scout-Novice Johnson

'It's my last mag... make it count!' etc

Every scout squad needs a guy so badass that he doesn't have a gun...
I should totally get that finished. I've also embarked on rebuilding my now rather venerable Assault squad with some bling stolen from the Lamenters after Optera. These guys will be a ten-man squad eventually, using Sanguinary Guard bodies primarily:

The guy on the left is in disguise...
 And finally, another Contemptor. Meanwhile, the next Imperial Armour (volume 12, the Fall of Orpheus) will be featuring the Minotaurs - I'm rather excited as to what that will be.

If it bleeds...


  1. I love the Storm Eagle kit, was it hard to put together? Like the contemptor at the bottom of the post too!

  2. Awesome stuff! I especially like the Land Speeder Storm with the Scouts coming down, really good job!

  3. Thanks chaps. The Storm Eagle is... tricksy. There's a part where I wished I had extra hands, like a Hindu deity or something. Also don't ignore the part that says 'some trimming of plastic components required'!

  4. Nice work on that Storm Eagle, I think if I ever get round to purchasing one I'll be doing a lot of reading of other people's experiences before I start assembly, as I have a nasty habit of not quite checking the fits enough!

    The paint job looks great on it too, the stripe is nice and neat - I've had some real nightmares when using masking tape with my airbrush, but you seem to have it sorted nicely.

    Perhaps the Heavy Bolter on the Storm needs a silencer too?

    Oh and I like the pose on the Contemptor, it looks very organic, and the way the arms are posed is nice and dynamic. I tried out something like that with mine but I ended up going with a much more conservative pose (for the arms at least) - I just feel like it looks wrong unless both guns are going to be pointing the same direction!