Friday, 6 April 2018

So I’m selling my Iron Warriors

Edit - now sold to a very happy new owner.

Does exactly what it says on the tin, really. This seems like a good place to put a public advert - and if you’re here after hearing about this on The Independent Characters podcast, then thanks Carl!

I’m asking £1500 plus shipping; no splits. I'm UK-based, but happy to ship internationally(let's talk first). 
You can see photos of the army in previous blog entries, or here. The army is also listed on the Heresy Trading page on Facebook.
If you’re interested, drop me a line either in the comments here, or send me an email (

This is an opportunity to buy a piece of Horus Heresy history, as I built this army both for Aaron Dembski-Bowden’s A Tale of Five Gamers blog series, and for playtesting Forge World's Crusade army list and Horus Heresy campaign scenarios (check your Black Books and you'll find me listed in the credits).
All genuine Forge World - I worked there from 2008-2013 - although some kits required some repair and or bodging during construction (due to being a FW staff member, some of them were damaged and/or miscast returns).
The army consists of:
Converted Warsmith
Converted Siege Breaker
Master of Signal
Rapier Battery - two graviton cannons (one converted for playtesting) and a laser destroyer
Contemptor Talon - two Dreadnoughts
Converted Tyrant Siege Terminator squad - 5-strong, and the first in the world as they were built for playtesting
Destroyer squad - part painted, 10-strong including two rad missile launchers
Tactical squad - 20-strong
Tactical squad - 20-strong
Tactical support squad - 10-strong with Volkites
Converted Breacher squad - 20-strong with two melta guns
Converted Iron Havoc squad - 5-strong with autocannons
Unpainted Heavy Support squad - 10-strong with autocannons
Predator squadron - 2 Executioners; one converted, one Deimos
Converted Medusa
Malcador (battle cannon, demolisher cannon, autocannons)
All in a GW army case, which I'll use to ship the army in (plus packaging of course). If you're interested, I can even throw in my playtest pdfs and army lists - now long superceded.