Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Minotaurs Reborn, or Revisited...

So I've left the Iron Warriors on the back burner good and proper, for a while. We're doing a Battleforce Painting Challenge at work, and I've taken on the heroic effort of the new Strike Force (plus extra new bits and bobs).

So here's a bit of a return to the beasts in bronze for your enjoyment. The first chunk of stuff is finished - Tactical Squad Alkaios and their Rhino, featuring the ever-trusty plasma cannon (for all your Space Marine killing needs) and a new grav gun. At some point I'll actually play a game with them too...

Sergeant Alkaios' head is from the Sternguard kit and is officially my favourite head ever

Ignore the disembodied legs. More will come of them later...

Interestingly, I'm writing this while listening to The Independent Characters podcast (which you should check out), discussing the prospect of using a second Primary Detachment in larger games of 40k, and this squad puts me up to, what... 7 Tactical squads...? Yeah. So that's going to happen at some stage. I'd really like to play a huge 40k game using those rules that ISN'T an Apocalypse game - also as an incentive to finish off another Storm Talon, among a few other things (hello, Stalker/Hunter).

I'm also intending to build a Deathwatch kill team, just for a bit of something different; stay tuned for more on that along with a stage-by-stage for my gold armour.


  1. Can't wait to see the Deathwatch kill team and your painting guide. I am thinking of a Special Minotaur terminator squad for Space Hulk as well

  2. You could tell me what colors you use to paint these minotaurs? is airbrush? thank you very much in advance, and keep your work is amazing