Saturday, 31 March 2012

It Lives!!

Well it's a bite-sized update today but hopefully quite a good one because I've just finished this rather handsome chap:

Ivanus Enkomi, yesterday...

The jump pack is a fairly simple cut-n-shut

Mr Egan has really outdone himself, frankly


  1. Waiting on mine popping through the door. Almost punched the postie for not having it today. Looking good man!

  2. He is a lovely model! Great blog by the way. Inspiring me to actually post something in mine!!

  3. Looking brutal! He really comes alive with the Jump Pack too, shame the model doesn't come with one by default!
    I've considered using Ivanus' rules as a counts-as for my 8th Company Chaplain, unfortunately I don't think the model would fit in with my Ultramarines so I'd have to kitbash something instead!