Saturday, 11 February 2012

Half Way

That's right, I'm halfway to finishing my LPC Vow for the B&C. All this stuff is totally finished:

The most badass Marine I think I've ever built

While these guys are nearly done... I'm finding it quite hard to settle into painting them, but I am a big fan of how cool the wedge looks and the implacableness of the Centurion-y sergeant...


  1. Some great looking minis there Ead, your badass in particular. Always thought that Honour Guard bolter could be put to better uses!

  2. Haha good eyes there Big Steve!

    I've got a couple of them scattered here and there. Thanks for the comments as always!

  3. Damn those eyes. Encyclopaedic knowledge of miniature parts but I can't remember my wife's mobile number!

    Might have to look into digging a few out myself, be a nice variant for Sternguard.