Saturday, 10 September 2011

The exciting first post

Having received more than a few e-mails along the lines of 'can we see more of your Minotaurs' and lacking any other online galler, it seemed that this was the sensible option... so without too much of my rambling, some lovely pictures:

This is my conversion of Asterion Moloc, the Minotaurs Chapter Master and all round Badabass ;)

Devastator Squad Thoul sporting looted stuff from the Lamenters after the Battle of Optera
Contemptor goodness, for when you absolutely, positively, have to kill every Space Marine in the room

My re-built Sternguard squad

Counts-as Kantor


  1. Fantastic! Can't wait to see more Ead!

    What are you working on next for the Minotaurs?

  2. Well... I'm replacing a few of my older Tactical marines with some newer versions, to thin out the Deathwatch contingent and add a bit more in the way of looted Lamenters gear... plus I still have 65 Terminators to build to finish my 1st Company. And a couple of vehicles to do, basing on my Thunderhawk, a Damocles Rhino... so loads mate!

  3. I'm really looking forward to seeing more of these, I absolutely love this army. Especially that Sternguard sergeant. How did you make his combi-plasma?

  4. @HereticGamer - thanks :)

    It's Commander Azrael's arm with a drum mag from the Sisters of Battle vehicle sprue tinkered into place

  5. Ah, very nice. I was going off on random conversion ideas. I was thinking crazy stuff like an Elysian lasgun with the rails and grips and magazine removed and replaced with plasma bits and a drum mag and all this guff. That's a great help, though, thanks man.

  6. Hey, I was wondering: What is your paint scheme? It seems like dwarf bronze that's drybrushed with alot of silver?

  7. Not quite, It's a basecoat of Tin Bitz, overbrushed Dwarf Bronze then Shining Gold, then drybrushed Mithril Silver.

    The Badab War book profiles are in a slightly darker bronze with more verdigris, but I wasn't about to change how I paint mine :)

    1. Awesome! Thank you so much! I tried it on a test mini, and it looks a lot like one of yours(minus the tweaks and better painting)

      Any other tips? Like, now that you have an army of them, any tricks or tweaks you made to the color scheme? I noticed you do a lot of detail in white. Looks great, btw. Did you just do lighter shades of grey until you get white?

      Sorry, I'm just excited to start work on Minotaurs.

  8. Thanks, although in my newer models I'm using silver instead for that artificer-crafted look :)
    The white is just Astronomicon Grey then Skull White highlighted over the top - obviously with the new GW paints I'm not entirely sure what this equates to... but I'm sure store staff can advise there :)

  9. It's a lovely collection of models, the models with loads of conversion work really well, and the whole army is full of all those little conversions that make an army special! I'll be pinching a few of these I think, especially like the rear mounted mags and the hand slapping the mag into place, very clever work! :)